What is the recommended sync solution in 2023?

According to the settings, BTT can sync using iCloud Drive or Dropbox. Both seem to come with a red, centered aligned warning :smiley: .

Which of the 2 solutions should I try?

with gratitude,

none :wink:

I‘m working on a better sync solution, but it‘s not yet ready

I just lost a bunch of settings with the iCloud Drive one :frowning: ... everything I have worked on in the last 2 hours

Having to go again through creating all the menus for clipboard and text transformations and having to deal with the very buggy UI makes me feel very frustrated.

I know it won't help you. I'm not sure it helps me either... but I feel like crying :sob:

that’s why it says very experimental and advises to create a backup first :wink:

But I’ll remove that sync option soon, I think a macOS update finally broke it

I am staring at that screen right now and I'm not seeing any buttons to create a backup.

I went through all the settings and I did not find an option to create a backup.

How can I create a backup?

you can import/export your presets (Presets · GitBook )

Do you maybe have Apple‘s Time Machine backup active (or another backup tool)? Then you might also be able to roll back. BTT saves all the config in ~/Library/Application Support/BetterTouchTool (this folder can also be copied manually to create a backup)