What is happening when I touch the touch bar with two fingers?

Why do I get a line on my touch bar whenever I touch it with two fingers? Is this the gesture behaviour? If so, can it be disabled?

I'm using BTT to stop the touch bar from responding to my left hand resting in the touch bar area, and I keep triggering this line thing :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep the line indicates that you've initiated a gesture. Your preset may have a gesture trigger active, probably try find it and remove it.

Thanks for the reply.

I don't seem to have any gestures in my preset (it's really minimal).

What's also weird is that if I add one for, say, '1 finger swipe left', there's no line (and the gesture works). This line only shows up when I touch it with at least two fingers.

Any other ideas how I can prevent this? It renders the touch bar unusable until I remove my fingers, which is really annoying :disappointed:

you can't stop it from happening even if you delete all your gestures. maybe this would be a good feature request @Andreas_Hegenberg?

The line only appears for volume, brightness and keyboard backlight gestures; not for simple One finger slides.

oh don't they, back then it didn't show up if no gestures were set, huh..

Ugh.. bummer. Not sure if I can keep using it if I can't do away with this :pensive:

That's probably a bug, the line should only appear if gestures are configured.

I'll look into that.

Thanks @Andreas_Hegenberg!

This should be fixed in 3.392 alpha! (Get via "check for alpha version updates")

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