What is a preset ???

Please help me understand what a preset is? I looked but could not find any definition at all


Larry Wilson

A preset is a "package" where all your actions with associated triggers are stored. For example, all the actions you set up with shortcuts or with the mouse/trackpad, whether for one app or for all. Normally everything is stored in the "Default" preset. You can export this as a backup and import it again if necessary. You can also create additional presets that you can turn on/off as needed.

Thank you for the explanation – it helps. BUT, what is the use case for having various "Presets"

For the touch bar, for example, there are different presets from different "suppliers", which cannot all be active at the same time. If you don't see a use case for yourself, then you probably don't need several presets. If you mainly set up actions with triggers yourself, then simply use the "Default" preset. There is no advantages to create multiple presets. I hope what I tell you here is true, I think so :rofl: :joy:

Ah, I see another use case. Let's say you share your mac with a friend. Then it makes sense that you and he have different presets, because you probably have different actions and different triggers. Do you understand?

Yes I understand clearly now. Thanks for taking the time to explain this stuff.