What does "currently pressed keyboard key"?

@Andreas_Hegenberg I'm trying to figure out what the AD "currently pressed keyboard key" does.

I thought if "space" is pressed and held plus another key (letter) is pressed then that may trigger something. But apparently not. :joy:

Can you please explain me briefly what it really does? Thanks!

what's 'AD"? :slight_smile:

Advanced Conditions :slightly_smiling_face:

it should show the system key codes for the pressed keys, in this example 55, 58 & 59.

Ah, ok, right now I don't see what I could use that for.

But wouldn't that be a realizable possibility? If "currently pressed keyboard key" is Space and I press another key, then something is triggered? :man_shrugging:

wouldn't it be just a key sequence then? :slight_smile:
The conditions never trigger something on their own, they always only further specify an existing trigger.

You're right. It would be the same as the sequence below. It only triggers if "a" is pressed and held while "l" is pressed. Sorry, my thinking error :upside_down_face: