Weird Characters When Using Window Switcher

I was trying out the window switcher on my mac, but it showed these weird characters when I hover the mouse over any app. I wonder if someone can help me with it. Thank you!

I am using an M1 Macbook Air and the latest MacOS (Ventura 13.2). BTT 4.006.

weird, what language is your system set to?
Are you using any special keyboard layout?
You didn't change the default shortcuts here, right?

No, I haven't changed any of the advanced settings. My system default is English, and Chinese is the second on the list. I don't think keyboard layout has anything special.

I think I have found the problem here. When I switch my input source to Chinese and activate the window switcher, it gives me those weird characters. If I switch the input back to English, it shows numbers normally.

Similar problem happens when changing input source to Japanese.

Mhh then these seem to be the characters the system returns when I ask for the key on a specific position.
I think I can change it to instead use the last used ascii capable keyboard layout.

Cool. Will wait to try the new version. Thanks for the reply!