WebKit Debugging in Safari broken?

On item 3 of this page of the linked documentation, it details and shows that you should be able to to a debug console through Safari's Developer bar - which I very much want to do as that's removes the confines of trying to open one in the webkit overlay itself (and having to change overlay sizes to accommodate) giving it some "freedom".


I don't see the webkit view I'm running as an option on the Safari developer view when the overlay is indeed running.

Is something special needed in the overlay html/code itself to enable it to appear as a debuggable window on the Developer toolbar, or am I missing something? Wondering if the recent WebKit updates might have changed something there as I could have sworn I did it not too long ago.

Running OS X 10.15.3, Safari 13.0.5, and BTT 3.355 (1543) on a 2019 16" MacBook Pro.

maybe apple only allows this for unsigned developer builds. I’ll have a look.

You can access the debugging tools by right clicking the webview for now, but the Safari solution would be more performant. Maybe there is fine extra setting I need to enable to make this work.

Thanks. I don't it's limited to unsigned developer builds and that would seem odd to me. I know I've used it with other tools, but am struggling to recall which (so I could test/verify).

I've been using the debugging tools by right clicking as you noted, but it's far easier to have them in a completely independent window (besides likely being better performant as you also noted; performance is less my concern for what I'm doing). I find myself tweaking the size just to debug and that throws my flow/adds steps and creates potential cleanup.

Yup I’ll need to look into this (it’s not really documented but I should be able to find a way). On iOS inspecting the webviews only works for debug builds though but there might be some hidden setting to allow it for release also.

Ok I requested help from Apple and turns out this is indeed only possible for debug builds. I won't be able to enable this for the notarized release versions ;-(
I'll update the documentation.

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I've just run up against this, I think; can't see BTT in Safari's Dev menu. Unless I'm missing something? 3.541, 1680. Is there a way I can get it working?

No, there hasn't been an update from Apple on this. The only way to get the debugger is right-clicking the BTT WebView and choosing "Inspect Element". Unfortunately that one is pretty slow (although it seems to have gotten better with recent macOS versions).

It's the physical act of repeatedly bringing up the context menu then switching to the console that bugs me, mostly. Maybe an option to bring up the floating view with the console already open, in the interim?

Unfortunately I don't think there is a way to do that either (even the context menu is only possible using private undocumented API). Nor sure why Apple doesn't want users to use the console...

No biggy, it's not exactly high on the list.