Weather for later today widget

@GoldenChaos I use your preset and love it.
I use the weather widget to check the forecast for the week often.
Do you have some coding that makes it so if I tap on the weather for today, it opens a group that shows the weather for the rest of the day in hours? The formatting would be the same as what you have for the rest-of-the-week weather.
That would be helpful.

As far as I know, there isn’t an option for hourly forecast in BTT. @Andreas_Hegenberg this would be a nifty addition and if you ever add it I would support it in my 7-Day Forecast view :slight_smile:

Also, another great weather widget would be “Next Hour Precipitation” - where it uses Dark Sky’s hyperlocal rain estimates to spit out “Rain for the hour” or “Light rain stopping in 25 minutes” etc.

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I agree, that would be awesome!