Warnings/Alerts - for conflicting shortcuts/actions - and locating "lost" shortcuts.


First of all: thanks for the great product. BTT has been a "must-have" for me for many years already - and is in constant use every day.

What I´m hoping for is some kinf of "warning" system (small yellow triangles?) when a key-binding/other gesture potentially triggers more than one shortcut. And, that there then is an easy access to list such conflicting "actions" - to quickly resolve them.

Also: I clumsily sometimes drag-and-drop shortcuts/actions - and though still working - I´m unable to find them again.
It would be lovely to have some search functions for assigned shortcuts/actions! (if there is: and I´ve missed it - I apologize - but please point me to it in case?)

Finally: there are in macos Ventura some "unreachable" buttons - like: "Extended Display: random device". Is there a sure-fire way to trigger these "unreachables" with out actually mouse-clicking them?

Three things at once then :slight_smile:
Thanks again for a wonderful piece of software - and impressive follow-up!
Best regards

I suggested having a section that shows the last ten triggered macros. That would make everything very simple.

The "warning" for multiple assigned triggers is called "Conflict Menu". There you can see the name of a macro or the trigger. This helps when searching with the magnifying glass (at the bottom of the prefs window). There is also a section overview of all triggers.

That's a pretty great suggestion @frank1 and it should be easy to add this.

:+1: Since this list would probably only be a "placeholders" list, it would be helpful to have something like "show original" so that you could make changes there :slightly_smiling_face: