Want WindowLower Action from XWindows (pushes selected window to back of stack order)

On workstations (X Windows based) we had:


From the XLib man page:

If the windows are regarded as overlapping sheets of paper stacked on a desk, then lowering a window is analogous to moving the sheet to the bottom of the stack but leaving its x and y location on the desk constant.

This is a splendid and powerful action- to me its more useful than a tiling window manager- since I usually need larger windows, and more of them than a tile segment can offer.

Also you never need to hunt for a window edge to raise since whatever is on top is huge and you cant miss it-

Bind: Ctrl->LeftMouse to LowerWindow and you can repeatedly (quickly) strike it in the center of the stack of windows - its like flipping through small deck of cards/papers etc. Its really amazingly useful and was one of the first disasters for MS Windows since it didnt have it.

I believe quartz kept the stack order- whatever is there now must know the stack order... surely it can be set... if someone can point me in the right direction I can try to figure out how to set it.