Volume Up & Down Action Broken

Did anyone else's vol up/down action break? I restart BTT and it fixes it for a few minutes and then is stops working again.

all the volume up/down actions do is try to press the volume keys for you. Do these still work for you when you press them directly?

volume control through the OS does work, its just the action in BTT spontaneously stops working. This just started a couple days ago, before that it was working great. I have it set up to turn up or down by turning two fingers on the touchpad. I also have it set up to give a bit of haptic feedback for every turn. The haptic feedback still works, but no volume control popup.

How are you triggering the volume up/down action? is it maybe the trigger that's not working anymore?

I edited my last post as you were replying (see above). I also have it set up to change with a mouse button, and that doesn't work either.

Using the keyboard keys?

Unfortunately I don't really have an idea right now because these actions haven't changed in years ;-(
Maybe some conflict with some other app?

its a touchbar mac, so no physical volume buttons, but the OS touchbar volume control (not BTT touchbar) does still work

the touch bar volume slider uses different API's, however these buttons should do the same as BTT is doing:

yes, those ones still work. This has really got me confused because the BTT action does work if i click "restart Bettertouchtool", but then stops again a few minutes later. The ones in your screenshot still work even after the BTT action stops working.

maybe go to help => export diagnostic debug information and send the result to me - best right after reproducing the issue (andreas@folivora.ai)
I'm not sure whether the logs will contain anything useful, but it's worth a try.