Volume change repeat with trackpad gestures

How to get volume to change to repeat on trackpad gestures? I've got trackpad gestures 4 finger swipe up and down to trigger the actions to increase and reduce volume. But those only work for single gestures to activate a single step change in volume.

I set the repeats for each triggering gesture, but it doesn't seem to repeat the volume change.

Any thoughts on how to get the volume changes to repeat as long as I'm still touching the trackpad with the proper number of fingers?

Thanks ahead of time

If you enable the repeat option it will repeat as long as your fingers are touching the trackpad (after the initial trigger treshold has been reached).

BTT doesn't support fluid gestures though, so it's not based on the distance of the movement.

Thanks for the fast reply. I got it to work by adjusting the repeat delay. It had been set too high so I wasn’t holding my fingers down long enough. Now it’s working well.

Much appreciated!

Hi, @dnheller! I'm having the same issue, but I can't find the correct numbers for the repeat and delay rates. Which settings did you land on?

@Andreas_Hegenberg any recommended rates?