Visual Window Snapping

Yes I never found out how to detect where and what display it was on, only how many displays are connnected to show/hide the extra menus.

I'll let the more experienced person do what's better :wink:

At this point it’s probably fair to say that you’re more experienced with the actual monitor detection, hah. :smile: since I’ve yet to ever look at it...

I gotta make sure I’m not stacking my plate too high. I don’t want to keep you waiting, so I’ll try and prioritize this.

No no i'm not waiting~ Take as much time as you like :smiley:

Just excited to see the changes however long they're gonna take, as I pretty much have no idea how to make it any better myself right now ^^

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I've finally been getting around to this :slight_smile:

Coming in the next GC build:


Nice! Would it be possible to post an isolated view here?

Sorry this took so long! Here's the isolated window snapper :smiley:

Visual Window Snapper.bttpresetcompressed (16.3 KB)


Hi, I'm trying out your preset with a dual-screen setup. Monitor on the "left" and laptop screen on the "right".

After moving a window to the laptop screen on the right, clicking left doesn't move it back to the monitor on the left.

Seems like it chooses where to move the window based on the monitor your cursor is on.

@Andreas_Hegenberg is there an option to have it move the window based on the window's position and not the cursor's?

Oh wow, this is lit


I decide to made a catalina inspired window manager after using this, i will share preset and icons after some use, thx for inspiration :wink:
Screen Shot 2019-12-28 at 02.11.45


Looks great!

Hope you're well and safe. Curious to see how this went, if there's a update.

Hope you're well and safe! Is there a download for this?

@vurt hey thanks, all goin fine, you can follow progress from here Simple Window Manager - SWM

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Whoa, that's some amazing stuff! (Saw your MacOS control center too.)

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