Virtual Touch Bar?

I enjoy using BTT on my laptop but these days, my laptop is mainly in the dock and connects to an external monitor. Is there such a thing as a virtual Touch Bar so I can continue to enjoy BTT?

There are such things, e.g. Touché - Touch bar for Everyone or "Touch Bar Simulator"

Another option might be to use the new Floating Menu's instead in BTT

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@HomeyJay Did you end up using any of these tools? I'm thinking about buying an external monitor for my MacBook Pro and am looking into solutions for the Touch Bar.

Hi, I wound up selling my MBP and buying a Mac Mini M2 so I don’t use BTT anymore. I do use Touche though - I find it useful for advancing through ads on YouTube but that’s about it!
I should use BTT but I don’t have time to configure it etc.

@mkozjak I have been using Touché for years with one or two external monitors and can recommend it. But not as a "virtual touch bar". If you only want it virtually, you are much better off with the new floating menus.

Touché can be used to simulate a "real" Touch Bar. The concept of the real Touch Bar is: The finger goes to the icon/button. Not, the mouse goes to the icon/button. Finger and mouse are something completely different.

So if you want to use your finger, position Touché on the internal monitor exactly above the physical F-Keys and configure the keys with BTT. The finger then goes to the icon but presses the physical F-key directly below it. This feels very natural and is almost like the original Touch Bar. Modifiers can be used to change the icons displayed and the functions. So without modifiers, a specific icon is displayed for F1 that corresponds to a function. If cmd is pressed and held, a different icon for a different function is displayed. You can also use short/long press. Example: In the browser, the YouTube icon is displayed above the physical key F4. Short press opens YouTube in the same tab. Long press opens a new tab.

In contrast to the floating menus, Touché has the advantage that I can deactivate the BTT Touch Bar settings if I want to see the original functions of an app. This is the only advantage of Touché.

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