Video Speed Controller

When I watch videos on Netflix, Hulu, YouTube etc, I use the fabulous Chrome plug-in, Video Speed Controller. It's like speeding up a podcast or audiobook, but for HTML5 video. You can get through TV shows or movies faster. (I know some people would regard this as sacrilegious).

I'm new to BTT and I've worked out how to create Touch Bar Buttons to replicate the main key commands (e.g. Decrease speed and Increase speed), but I reckon there would be a better way: using a Custom AppleScript Slider Widget.

Has anyone created this for their own set-up?

I don't have a setup yet, but I can tell you how to do it.

You can change the playback speed of html5 videos using following javascript:

for(var i=0,b=document.getElementsByTagName('video'),len=b.length;i<len;i++)if(b[i])b[i].playbackRate=2;

Add this code into AppleScript Slider Widget can achieve what you want.

Thanks, but when I test it, I get a "Syntax Error: A parameter name can’t go here." What am I droing wrong?

Well, javascript cannot be run outside of the web browser, here are some examples:

For safari

tell application "Safari"
	do JavaScript "insert code in here" in current tab of front window
end tell

For chrome

tell application "Google Chrome"
	execute front window's active tab javascript "insert code in here"
end tell