Video Conferencing Toggles

Hi! I'm a high school teacher - I'm wondering if there's any way to make the touchbar have Mute/Unmute and Video On/Off with changing colour panels to see at a glance if I'm muted or not or have my video on or off.

There's so much to think about while teaching - I need a visual representation. Red/Green

I was able to make the keyboard command show up on the touch bar, but can't change the picture to be muted or not.


I'm wondering how to do this as well. I don't think it's built in, but there might be ways to do it. If I can figure it out, I'll let you know.

This is what they've said in the past.

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What app are you using for remote teaching? Perhaps looking at Golden Chaos or Aqua Touch will yield some inspiration -- you could use alternative regex (if you can figure out a way to poll what state you're in) to set a conditional color of the button.

A general microphone mute widget has been posted here: Microphone Mute / Unmute Widget (you can copy & paste the json from that post into the Touch Bar section in BTT.

If you are using a specific software it would probably be better to create specific triggers for that.

I created a solution too. I think I tried what was above, but that mutes and unmutes the computer. I worry that that would prevent me from hearing any audio in Meet. I'll try to get my solution written up soon.