Vertical Drop Down List on Touch-Bar


I was really deep in my mind trying to find a way to connect to multiples VLANs and I realized that it would be nice to have a vertical dropdown feature on the touch-bar like on the on iPhone

I don't even know if it's possible scroll up and down on the touch-bar but I think it would be really helpful for a lot of different uses like choosing different connections on my case or choose from pre-written answers for text messaging apps or even toggle different actions variations from one single position on the touch-bar!

You must mean a scroll that shows just one item a time and is scrolled vertically, because the Touch Bar is.. well, barely a centimeter tall.
But I kind of like this idea, just as you say for WiFi connections or what not, maybe some options to choose that one can customize....
I guess it should be possible with an apples script widget, but I wouldn't know how.

Upvoting in case this ever gets considered :slight_smile:

Generally I'd also be happy with horizontal, as long it's a customizable "slider" or "select".
I know there is the slider widget but that's not what we mean (however similar)

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The Touch Bar only gives X coordinates for touches, thus vertical scrolling would only be possible by scrolling horizontally over the widget.

Scrollable selection groups are a good idea though and might be useful for various use cases!

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Thats so bad that there is only X coordinates.. I'm not so surprised by apple but anyway!

I think that would still be nice with horizontal scrolling. If the coordinates a precise enough to have a small action area over the vertical scrolling bar that would work pretty well!

For the items that are visible I was thinking for a 100% opacity for the selected elements and something like half the text at the bottom and the top with an opacity gradient. Just enough to guess the next element when you know what the list is made of!

Please, please, please, implement this!
It would be super useful for my use case😁.
Like you have few windows on the touchbar to into the groups without opening them.