Version 3.186 - No menu bar after update

When updating to latest version (3.186) via "Check for regular updates" ,the menu bar is missing after installation. Does not happen when downloading and installing from download link.
Happens on update from version 3.170 to 3.186 . ( Did not test other releases)
OS Version: High Sierra 10.13.6

what do you mean by menubar?

The menu

This is only visible after opening the BetterTouchTool preferences. It isn't showing up for you in 3.186?

[quote="Andreas_Hegenberg, post:4, topic:10686, full:true"]
This is only visible after opening the BetterTouchTool preferences. [/quote]

Yes I know, But when updating via "check for regular updates" menu item from previous version it doesn't appear.
I had to install it again via the download link to make the menubar come back again

Mh that's the same binary that you get when updating. Did you try to restart BTT before reinstalling? Sometimes macOS "forgets" to show the menubar for menubar apps like BTT, but usually a restart fixes that.

Just checked it again.
BTT restart does not help.
a computer reboot does help.
Checked it on another machine - (clean) Mojave 10.14.6 - same issue and workaround (reboot) helps.
Update: Sorry , on Mojava 10.14.6 - Restarting via "Restart BetterTouchTool" does fix the issue

Another Update: Checked on another High Sierra 10.13.6 - Restart BTT does resolve the issue. I guess it was something to do with my machine that required a full reboot.
Although I think it may be a minor bug since it does require a restart to BTT to reenable the menu - (The issue was persistent on all 3 machines)
Not sure whether it's a BTT issue or MacOS though.