Ventura: Icon appears in App Switcher

Not a huge deal but I've noticed that since Ventura the Better Touch Tool icon appears in the App Switcher where I'm sure in previous MacOS version it didn't.

only if the preferences are open though, right? I think this was kind of a bug in previous macOS versions - because it should have shown there as well if the window was open.

No, this is all the time.

do you maybe have the dock icon always visible enabled in the BTT settings? For me it’s only showing in the app switcher if the preferences are open

I toggled the checkbox on then off again and it seems to have fixed it.

And then I cam back to the Macbook after a couple of hours and there it was again. It seems to come back after a period then, if I open and close prefs, it goes away for a bit. I did a little screencast here: