[Ventura beta] Notifications - "BetterTouchTool added login items" on wake from sleep

Describe the bug
Many (10+) persistent notifications from System Settings on waking after a day in sleep mode. I have BTT registered as a login item, and System Settings still shows this to be the case (it's registered, just the once).

Notification reads:

Login items added
"BetterTouchTool" added login items. You can manage login items in System Settings.


Device information:

  • Type of Mac: MacBook Air 2020 (M1)
  • macOS version: macOS 13.0 Ventura beta 1
  • BetterTouchTool version: 3.786 (1931)

I left my Mac asleep on the beta boot for a day and came back to this. I've actually closed a few of the notifications already before the screenshot.

This is an initial report, and I dual boot with the release so it might be a while before I discover more, but I thought I'd kick off a thread to track the issue. I suspect this is part of BetterTouchTool's mechanism to ensure it's registered as a login item when the in-app setting is enabled. Reminds me of the iOS clipboard-reading fiasco where apps has to start querying before actually reading or add an in-app setting.

thanks for reporting! I'll fix that soon. Seems like currently even some requests that check whether BTT is a login item cause this.

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Is there any update on this? I'm running 3.891 Alpha and still having these notifications every time it wakes from sleep. macOS version 13 build 22A5358e.


I'd try to remove it manually from login items and then make sure to check the launch on startup option in the BTT settings to add it again.

There don't seem to be many users having this issue and I haven't seen the issue on any of my machines on recent Ventura betas. Thus it's a bit hard to tell what's causing it.

I forgot all about this report, sorry! This stopped happening for me shortly after, and I can’t remember what might have resolved it for me.

@Phil_Stone post back if Andreas’s solution fixes it for you! I can mark it as a solution.