🆕 [v3.6.9] AquaTouch – The Powerful Touch Bar Redesign.

I'm sorry for the late reply but I would test B.3.0.1 a little more!

  1. I noticed that strange bug disappaers after I deleted every preset or old Aqua release I've installed, so maybe it was simply an incompatibility problem ...

  2. When I open a pdf file with preview app the preset seems bugged

  3. In whatsapp app too (maybe it happens because they need to be clean up from previous Aqua 2.0 blobs


In safari sometimes AT preset doesn't appear by default and I need to open it (and it appears near to default apple preset)

  1. Well that was weird. Hopefully it doesn't come up again

  2. This just seems to be that old bug where the macOS control strip shows up where it's not meant to. I've heard a fix is coming soon.

  1. WhatsApp is definitely an AQT bug. I'll look in to that one. Additionally, what is the name (case sensitive) of the WhatsApp you're using? (the dock icon name) EDIT: i've fixed the issue. update is coming soon with all the other latest improvements i've been working on.

  2. Safari is designed to automatically close for most websites, so you can use it's native TouchBar set. If an SFWidget is supported, it will open and show the widget. Does the behaviour you observe roughly match this design?

3 07 (I've downloaded it from App Store)

  1. In my opinion your Safari custom preset (with the new Safari widget) is moooore intuitive and useful than the native touch bar and I really think a lot of us never use it. So I think that would be great if your preset is always active on Safari (maybe adding in the future some new widget :smiley:)

P.S. I know you want to let users to use your preset combined with default touchbar but release after release your preset is becoming really complete with tons and tons of app supported, so I think more and more users never will close your preset to use the default ahah

Good point, Thanks for your reply!

If that's the case then maybe i'll consider copying apple's safari implementation / redoing it completely before I change it from an 'extension' set to a 'full' set. I still use safari's native set quite a lot. (the text completing, tab display, bookmarks display, media scrubber, etc.) I'll need to think about that one.

In the meantime, if you right click on safari you can easily change it's behaviour:

(that's a sneaky teaser for you right there too, if you look around)

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Just posted a new feature request, vote up to get it to happen!

(is that SoundCloud I see?)

Keep Striving ON - AquaTouch b3.0.2!

Download this update in the top post!

Edited the Help Windows

  • Information about the operation of AQT3’s new functionality has been added.

    Edit: Just noticed that that SF widget support list has Facebook and Soundcloud missing. Next update :wink:

New Safari Widgets

Opera Support (extension set)

  • Just copying over from Google Chrome

Firefox Support

  • Tab/Navigation controls by @onaforeignshore! (he sent me a PM full of cool new changes. Looking into them for AQT b3.0.3.

New SETTINGS: (it's a big deal)

  • Toggle Haptics on/off
  • Toggle Control Strip Highlighting on/off
  • Toggle the Calendar Highlighting Behaviour (take your pick - highlight for calendar events, reminder tasks or for both)
  • Toggle the Escape Key Style
  • Refined look of the preferences set. (well, not sure about this one. I tried to go for a rainbow look but yeeeeehhh~)

"Attention to Detail" Changes

  • Control Strip Highlighting now applies while CS is open.
  • Added more Finder Quick Actions (it’s an extension set - so it will encourage you to use the native Finder TouchBar.
  • New ‘Haptics’ toggle in the Control view to easily disable gesture Haptics when you’re in a quiet area.
  • Haptics when using window snapping

Bug Fixes

  • Whatsapp set clashed with gesture bar - fixed
  • YouTube Safari Widget download button didn't work - fixed
  • Some Google Docs triggers didn't work - fixed

General Aesthetic Refinements (Alignment/Icon touchups)

  • AQT Settings
  • Google Drive SF Widget (Icon Reworks)
  • YouTube SF Widget (Icon Reworks)
  • AQT BTT Backend (AQT’s mechanics in the BTT window)
  • safari widgets are now visually grouped
  • neatening up of trigger list in the other tab
  • neatening up of touchbar trigger lists for some apps

Important Installation Note:
After installing AWT b3.0.2, please:
tap the setup instructions button, then
tap EVERY option in the settings on and off.
This will set various variables required to ensure the new scripted triggers work properly.
I'm working on a smoother update experience, so hang on for that.

Important Usage Note:
The implementation of the settings and conversion of many triggers into applescript widgets may increase processor stress, lag and battery drain. This is a beta and i'll need feedback about this to ensure that it's tamed enough for the full release.

@Dom may be interested


I'll look into making the web browsers into 'full-type' sets instead of extensions, intergrating some triggers from @onaforeignshore !

@iAmWaldo has made a great new preset with Netflix web functionality and improved Youtube Scripts. I've gotten permission from him to merge!


Is this preset eligible to hop into the #setup-preset-sharing:developer-verified-presets category? I’d love to hop into that!

sure, I'll have a deep look at it and then add it.
However if possible please upload it to share.folivora.ai, so I can mark it as developer verified.

Sure, Main reason I drag-to-upload is because that site used to break the preset. Hope it’s fixed now.

I’m falling asleep at the moment though so I’ll do it sometime soon if that’s okay with you.

Thanks for taking a look!


Links have been updated to use share.folivora.ai.

Everyone else,
GameMode has been patched for b3.0.2 and is now available for download.

Small Note: the version numbers are a bit of a mess. I may make changes to their representation for the future updates from here on out. e.g. b3.3.0 instead of v3.0.3

Hei man! I'm using AT for only 1-2 hours so it's too early to talk about an hypothetic battery drain but at the moment here what I've discovered:


When you choose regular esc key and you select one of the control strip option it changes to edge version

  1. When you press the control key on safari AQ disappears.

  2. Facebook widget works like a charm! (Is it possibile to add PIP button in Youtube widget? It could be really useful!!)

  3. Do not disturb and bluetooth icons don't change when you activate them

P.S. Any plan to add a little Office Word preset in the next future? Maybe one like One Note :upside_down_face:

Very nice.

Two small things that I notices in th b3.0.2:

  • typo in Facebook: Notificaitons instead of Notifications
  • When using BTT via Setapp, the application name is "BetterTouchTool Setapp", which means the setup button in the installation instruction is no visible at all.


  1. Thanks for spotting this bug, I know the issue and will fix it soon
  2. This is weird. I'll look into this one but i'm usnure why it's doing this. (able to be reproduced here on my side)
  3. Sounds good! I'm looking to add a skip ads (even unskippable ads) and PiP button, but I need to experiment with this so i'm not sure if it's possible yet. I can do these actions with mouse clicks though so i do see a possibility
  4. Strange, for me: DnD does not change icon, but Bluetooth works fine. Will investigate.

P.S: I don't personally use word and I think it already has a native set, I might consider this if i've run out of things to make, though, but it's unlikley.

Thanks for the feedback!

  • I'll get that typo fixed, thanks!
  • Thanks for bringing this issue up. I didn't know that existed so i'll get to fixing it. I have a brief idea of a way to fix the issue but I'll need you to test to confirm that it works, if that's ok with you. When the next update comes around, I'll probably mention you: @pauxus to give you a notification.

Thanks everyone for the bug hunting!
@Andreas_Hegenberg, I know you're busy, but how's the move to the #setup-preset-sharing:developer-verified-presets category?

There is a known issue where the escape button may be misplaced.

This is hard and unpredictably controlled as there is no way to set ordering priorities between conditional activation groups. I'll see what I can do.


First thanks for the amazing job you have done making the TouchBar more useful and helpful !
However, some bugs I have noticed so far :

  • closing button from Spotify Menu will crash AT
  • pressing control in any app will crash AT
  • touching Chrome in the "Active Apps Menu" will crash AT
  • There is no menu at all for the mail app (don't know if that is normal ?)
  • touching an app in the "Active Apps Menu" bring AT to the Welcome title
  • when we touch the Mission control button, it freezes the whole TouchBar

So far this is what I have spotted, if I spot anything else, I will post it here. If you need any more precision on the bugs I reported here, feel free to ask !

Another nice thing I would love to see in the future versions of AT is the possibility to navigate in the track (as it's possible on the basic TouchBar made by Apple) when we are into the Spotify Touchbar Menu (or any else Music App).

Once again, thank you for your job, I finally enjoy more my TB now :slight_smile:

Hi @Simon_Defarge,

I’d like to know which version of AQT you’re experiencing the bugs in. Are you using the new b3.0.2 or the ‘stable’ v2.2.1?

Second, you used the word ‘crash’ a lot and I’d just like to specify what that specifically means. Does the Toucb Bar just close in an animated fashion (and you can open it again) or does it abruptly freeze and disappear, with Better touch tool completley quitting?

Third, some possible answers:

Spotify Menu
Spotify does not have a touchbar set as it has a native one, but it does have controls within its now playing widget. Is this the one that’s crashing (the NP widget) or is it the bar seen when spotify is active and frontmost?

Control Key
This was a known issue found not too long ago by @Dom however he said it was only in safari. hmm... this is a weird one as i didn’t have a trigger that uses control... I’ll need to investigate this more.

I’m assuming you mean clicking it’s app settings inside the BTT window? not sure why this would happen and if it did, it would probably be a BTT error and not an AQT error, unless the file is corrupted somehow. Could you specify again which specific button makes it crash and how it crashes?

Mail app
Yes there is no mail support as the apple mail already has native support for the touchbar. Close AQT to use that one. You can tap the bar to do so, or click the green BTT button (on v2.2.1), or hold the apps icon (on b3.0.2)

Welcome Menu
This is intended behaviour. If you open BRT’s preferences, AQT’s welcome, setup, usage information and settings should show up for you to read and tinker with in the bar

Mission Control Freeze
This is an issue on BTT’s side.. I’ve noticed this issue as well and it’s a bit annoying if you bring it up using the mission control action. @Andreas_Hegenberg, could you take a look?

I’ve looked into scrubbers for the NP widgets but ultimatley i don’t know where to put them since their set is alredy very full! I have some new ides but this would be a lower priority as i’d like to get the other new features in AQTv3 polished up and stable.

Thanks for your help and, well your thankses! I’m glad you enjoy your touchbar now! :grin:

Unfortunately macOS disables all custom Touch Bars when Mission Control or App Switcher is open. As far as I know, there is now workaround for this. Also there is no real way to detect when Mission Control is being opened, otherwise I could disable the custom Touch Bar during that time....

That's unfortunate... Well i guess it isn't much of an issue anyway..

i need help.. anyone?


Well, when I use the word crash, it means AQT is crashing, and the original TB comes back.

For Chrome, I am talking about the left panel when you have the Apps Menu open. The Left Panel shows the active apps, and so if I go on Chrome from there, it crashs.

Ah, in that case AQT is not crashing rather it's closing to let you use the native touchbar sets.

I'm unfamiliar with chrome since I rarely use it, so could you maybe attach a screenshot of the menu that is giving you problems? I'd really like to fix it!

Also, I'd like to know from my previous comment:


Ok, I can understand that sometimes it goes back to the Original TB, the thing is, if that happens, pressing the BTT button won't bring AQT back...

Here is the screenshot

As it will be easier, here is the screenshot of the menu I am talking about concerning Spotify

So if I press the closing button, it will crash AQT.

Also, I noticed that sometimes the bar disappear for "no reason", what I mean is I don't really pay attention to what I am doing that could make it crash... I don't have the feeling to make anything wrong, but then the AQT is gone and I am back on the original TB... Is that a common issue ?