TouchBar: Swipe In from Edge Gesture

Add the ability to swipe in from the left or right edge to slide in an overlay with buttons.

It'll be like the Trackpad Notification Center gesture, except it slides in an overlay with a few more buttons from the edge of the TouchBar, with the existing buttons dimming.

If you set it to 'open group with name', this happens:

Otherwise if you set it to, say play/pause, it just does it with no visuals.

Love this a+ would use for the menu bar on my preset. Is the Touch Bar even capable of detecting this kind of stuff?

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it has a one dimensional sensor but should be able to detect swipe from edge hardware wise since the trackpad can do so in a similar fashion.

(head to system preferences and see the notification centre trackpad gesture if you donโ€™t know - itโ€™s crazy)