[v3.6.8] AquaTouch – The Powerful Touch Bar Redesign.

Just setup a discord!

Welcome to join for casual chats, sharing creations or talking with me!
Will progress with updates soon so come along for the journey.

@Future_Face @Duval_Barrett @Ryan_Mak @ioana03 , Just a little reminder because you put a vote for this a while back!


@yuuiko Great preset man :slight_smile: Looks great and has a lot of functionality

Spent a lot of time playing with it the past couple of days. However I found that the web widgets for gmail etc weren't working properly on Chrome ie unable to see the close option once the group is opened. Read it on the feature page that chrome support isn't there

I found an issue in the applescript where the application running check is.

Changed the line

if application "Safari" is running or "Webkit" is running then


if application "Safari" is running or application "Webkit" is running then

and the same for the Chrome applications and it started working :slight_smile:

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Will Definitley Check it out!


So the Quickstrip is basically pure genius! There are times however I need (wish) it to temporarily hide so that I can have more Touch Bar real estate when I’m in a Group.

For example, when I’m in Photoshop, I have a group for all layer styles. When I’m in that group I would like to temporarily hide the Quickstrip and then have it return to normal when I exit the group.

Is group behaviour like this possible?

Should be possible, Just head into it's conditions and exclude your Touch Bar group:

(Might be hard to see due to big sur, let me know if you need another screenshot)

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@yuuiko Well now I feel stupid. Yes, that worked like an absolutely charm. Thank you -- and my apologies for asking something not necessarily specific to AquaTouch. I'm still learning about conditions. Cheers!!!

No problem! Glad it worked.

Curious how did you hook it up to layer styles? I think it'll be a great official addition to the photoshop tools

Describing Big Sur in a line.:smile:

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@yuuiko It’s really nothing fancy - just a group of a few of the styles that I use regularly but find annoying accessing via the layers panel. My workflow and aesthetic are quite different than the default Photoshop tools and there is quite a bit more going on behind the Quickstrip. Anything in blue will access a group and/or a long press trigger. Here is a quick sample! Again, thanks for your help!


whooa geez. I want that in my touchbar. How did you command photoshop to respond to those??! That honestly looks amazing

would you mind sending a copy of your setup?? it honestly looks really good, one of the troubles i had with photoshop was that I didn't really know how to command stuff like layer styels to it so I'm super curious how you've done it

@yuuiko Of course! I used menubar-item triggers for non-keyboard shortcut items - which are a lot. Originally the groups were timer-based and would close with inactivity, but that turned out to be more of a nuisance. There isn’t much else interesting going on in the preset. Haven’t been tinkering very long. Already made a mess of other stuff LOL. The preset inside the ZIP.

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whoa this is really nice! thanks so much!

Would you mind if I added some of this stuff into the official AQT?

@yuuiko By all means - if anything is useful, it's all yours!

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I dont seem to have anything not he Touch Bar for Twitch, Netflix or Gmail. Do I need to enable a setting. I have already enabled "Allow Javascript for Apple Events" can you please advise?

Web widgets are known to be unstable for chrome on v3.5.8. A new version is in beta right now (view on discord), which includes a whole new rewrite for web widgets that should fix them up.

Allow BTT to interact with chrome and safari, and it's best to use safari for AQT widgets for now. Otherwise, avoid having both safari and chrome open at the same time!

Not sure if this has been discussed before (can’t seem to find it when searching) but there appears to be a bug when displaying a YouTube video duration. If the video contains zero minutes, for example 01:00:00, the minutes will be shown as 01:0:00. This issue is not present if the value is anything other than 00 (01:10:00 will work fine).

No biggie, just thought there might be a quick fix. It was present in v. 3.5.6, and I just updated to 3.5.8a and it’s still there - at least on my end.

anyone here experiencing the same thing as me? each time I reload a website the slider disappears like every other widgets but the problem is that It don't come back. and sometimes it won't even show up when I'm opening the Touch Bar group.

it happens with the build in YouTube Touch Bar group and also with my own Netflix group :frowning:

@Leblanc aah interesting, I can see how this could happen! thank you for reporting. A new YouTube widget is in the works!

@Dressi which slider do you mean?

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Wonderful! Looking' forward to it!

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@yuuiko I mean the sliders which controls the video duration here it is for YouTube (the red one):

and here you can see it on my custom Netflix thing:

and here it is right after I reloaded the site the same thing happens with YouTube:

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