🆕 [v3.6.9] AquaTouch – The Powerful Touch Bar Redesign.

Yes i have plans though i'll be coding blind as I don't have apple music so I'd appreciate if you could help me out. Would you mind if i PM'd you when I get to it? Quite busy with assessments at the moment.

@Future_Face Sorry about that!

Tapping the song name should show a scrubber for Spotify.

Find it in a "Spotify Seek" folder either in the spotify app or QuickStrip Widgets

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Thanks. I am making my own preset that I might share on the forum. Can I use the scrubber for it?

I tried putting this in my preset but it didn't work. is there something im missing?
edit: lol I feel so stupid.. I didn't have 'show in any open Touch Bar group' ticked
thanks. can I use it for my preset?

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Sure no worries, i'll try record a video as it pops up & then goes again pretty quickly.

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@Future_Face Sure, you can use it in your preset!
Just maybe not the QuickStrip concept as I'm quite protective of that as AQT's main design feature.

Let's root for this!

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I dunno what you mean by quick strip. all ive done is copy and paste the slider and the duration on each side. is that fine?

I meant the persistent four button setup I have on the right, Should be good! Go ahead, can't wait to see your preset!

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Hi! I was wondering, how do I disable the youtube widget? Or I prefer to be still able to use my 2 or 3 finger gestures even when with youtube open


You should be able to use gestures on any screen, maybe try start your slide away from any visual duration sliders / scrubbers.

Otherwise, youtube's layout is something that is a choice to open up and can be closed and opened, so try closing it to gesture if the above doesn't work.

I see you have both safari and chrome open.
Lately I realised having both open makes the youtube widget glitch out, try closing one of them.

Also try check if youtube is configured correctly, as theres a BTT bug that can randomly reset this:

Amazing Preset!!!
Thanks for the effort.

Any chance you add an option to switch between keyboard input languages?


Will probably add this, though it won't be a priority. To-do list is pretty large right now and I'm only able to start in a few things time, sorry about that!

Hello, first of all thank you for the awesome work!
I have a question though. There's a profile I'm using for Ableton Live, which seems to be in conflict with Aqua. The problem is that I can see a mixture of the ableton controls + options that normally appear on 'unsupported apps'. I couldn't find a way to remove them from the ableton profile. Can you help me out? I tried checking 'disable BTT' for unsupported apps and it didn't seem to help.

What did help was checking the visibility boxes on all elements in the Unsupported profile, although this means I won't actually see them in apps that need them. Can I simply disable them only for ableton live in some way?


This handles where the Unsupported Apps UI appears.
Just add albeton's exclusion to it, like the other supported apps

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Thank you!!

@yuuiko I've got one more question (hopefully not getting annoying haha): When I launch the media player mode on my touchbar, I can see buttons for all supported players appear, then shortly afterwards they disappear one after another - unless one of them is currently playing, which would remain. This happens every time my mac wake ups from sleep, or anytime this module is relaunched in some way.

Can I stop that from happening somehow, without removing the scripts for these apps completely? It's kinda buggy-looking when it happens.

They appear because they're still loading. Unfortunately this is the default nature of how BTT AppleScript widgets work, I can code around this but it makes the scripts very inefficient and I'd rather have them disappear as they load once in a while rather than slow everything down. I'll definitely be looking out for things like this, but aesthetic smoothness is second priority to making AQT run better first.

Ah, I see. In that case I do agree - overall performance is definitely the higher priority here!

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So I've been using this great little app "Turbo Boost Switcher", and was thinking the ability to toggle it on/off through BTT, but specifically AquaTouch would be amazing.

I don't know if anyone ELSE would love this but thought I'd throw it out there http://tbswitcher.rugarciap.com

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@adamschoales interesting, I'll take a look. Not sure if it supports scripting though as I'd need a way to interface with it for it to work with AQT, and maybe not much people use it too