v2.717 - Opening Inter-CAGroup Touchbar Groups bugging out.

Describe the bug

  • Trigger: "Open touchbar group with name" set to, e.g. "MediaWidgets"

  • The trigger is stored in the Conditional AG "Left side widgets".

  • The "MediaWidgets" group to be opened is stored in the Conditional AG "ExpandedWidgets"

  • The trigger is stored in an app group set to "Show MacOS Bar, Hide MacOS Control Strip if opened"

  • When you tap the trigger, it closes the BTT bar and bugs out.

  • If you open the BTT bar again, you'll see that the group has opened, but exclusion conditions aren't working. [see how there are duplicate control strips in the video]

The problem seems to be only on app/conditional groups set to "Show MacOS Bar, Hide MacOS Control Strip if opened" while trying to open a touchbar group of another said group(app group)

This is critical for my AQT preset to work properly!

Affected input device: TouchBar


If video doesn't work, try safari.

Device information:

  • Type of Mac: MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2017, Four Thunderbolt 3 Ports)
  • macOS version: 10.14.3
  • BetterTouchTool version: 2.717 [!!]

Is the ExpandedWidgets condition true at that moment? And is ExpandedWidgets also set to "Show MacOS Bar, Hide MacOS Control Strip if opened"?

Expanded widgets doesn’t have any conditions, it’s used to store groups that other triggers refer to. It’s set to always true so, yes.

Expanded widgets is set to default (groups are always hidden, never seen and only opened by other triggers that refer to them)

That might be a problem because then there will be conflicting visibility settings between the CAGs. However it's hard to tell, I'll need to look into this.

I'm trying to recrate the issue in a new preset.

If not, I'll send over my latest AQT, which is having issues with this.

Rephrase: The CAgroup is always active, but the touchbar groups within are all hidden but openable.

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I've got some of it recreated...

The closing bar error was recreated, but for this one, the initial button that opens the group seems to be hiding correctly (unlike AQT, for which they stay showing (the duplicates) )

Group Open Error.bttpreset (18.5 KB)

The same effect occurs if you use a trigger stored in the finder. Hard to expliain, here's where I added... well, what i'm trying to say here:

Group Open Error v2.bttpreset (19.2 KB)

If possible please try v2.718 alpha.
This is a complicated problem to solve, but I added a workaround that prevents updating the "visibility state" of the Touch Bar if a Touch Bar group is opened. Not sure if this works in your case, I'll do some more tests tomorrow.

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I'll try sometime in the afternoon.

Note that this wasn't an issue untill v2.717, and i'd been using it pretty stably untill now