Using Touch Bar Simulator on MacBook Air M1


I recognized that I can enable "Touch Bar" in BTT on my MacBookAir M1.

OK but how can I use it?
With this software:

Thank in advance.

I prefer Touché (instead of touch bar simulator). But that is a matter of opinion. You can use both apps with BTT very profitably. I'll tell you tomorrow, because I have to sleep now :sleeping: :slightly_smiling_face:

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The most obvious is to configure the touch bar simulator with BTT as you would for the real touch bar. Then you can trigger everything with a click.

I find that pretty useless though, because that also works with the notch bar so without an additional app.

I do it differently. To imitate the principle of the real touch bar (the finger goes to the icon) I position the strip directly over the F-Key of my Macbook.

This is what my strip looks like when my text app is in front.

When I want to highlight text yellow, my finger just goes to the key (F1) just below the yellow button. It's fast, intuitive and I don't have to remember any shortcuts.

One strip is always visible (Home strip) and by pressing a modifier, other icons with different functions can be displayed. The strips can work globally or app specific. eg for my browser I have three strips that open web pages.

Basically you can do almost everything you can do with the real touch bar. The advantage is you have physical keys, at least I think that's an advantage. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Frank1 thank you for your detailed description.
Sounds like a really smart solution.