Using the premade CPU Plugin in Notch Bar?

The Notch Bar doesn't get too much love around these parts :disappointed:. Just curious if the CPU Usage Plugin can be accessed via any of the Notch Bar and/or Floating Menu actions?

But that might require the Swift/Obj-C integration....

update: Nvm I guess I half-answered.... Just checked the documents; the Swift/Plugin integration w/ floating menu's is being worked on. Would that functionality also extend to the Notch Bar?

Peace be upon you.

unfortunately due to some changes made in recent macOS the Notch Bar feature got less useful and I decided to deprecate it. The Floating Menu feature is getting more mature with every release and is supposed to replace all Notch Bar functionality in the future. The necessary widgets will become available in the next weeks/months.

I hope to have some sort of auto-migration then.

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Yeah I saw that the section was deprecated. When you say replacement are we talking about similar menu-bar integration?

Yes, the current NotchBar is also just an overlay over the standard menubar. So just having two new widgets (to show menubar items and status bar items) will make the Floating Menu's be able to cover most of the Notch Bar usecases.

I will work on these once the new BTT Remote is done

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