using Keyboard Maestro to quickly restart BTT

I'm finding that BTT frequently stops working (in that the TouchBar buttons that I've set up no long show in the TouchBar). The solution I've been using is to click on the BTT icon in the MacOS menu bar and then clicking on Restart BetterTouchTool. Since I have to do this so frequently (several times a day), it is getting to be bothersome.

So I'm looking for a way to trigger a BTT Restart using a shortcut, preferably with Keyboard Maestro. Any help/suggestions would be much appreciated.

Thanks, roy.

Excellent! Thanks!
(sorry I didn't see this myself)

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no problem! The issue with the hiding touch bar is being tracked on another thread, unfortunately it seems to be a Mojave issue and I have not found a reliable workaround yet...

For me, 3 finger swipe stops working, but 4 works fine. So I triggered a 4 finger swipe down to restart BTT. It works great, but would still love this issue resolved. I had an older version on my computer that worked great, but I did a restore recently and lost it, not sure what version the issue started occuring. I also have disabled all mac 3 stroke gestures, so no idea.