Using Default Apple Toucbar buttons within BTT Touchbar

Is it possible to import some of those buttons into the BTT Touchbar?

For instance, I would like to have the 'Do Not Disturb' button imported. The default is able to highlight the button when 'Do Not Disturb' is on, and keep the button black when it isn't.

I understand this same functionallity might be able to be accomplished with custom buttons, but it seems like a lot of unnecessary customization and it could be more energy intensive on the MacBook following this route and using AppleScripts.

I would love to be able to use the system default button for Display Brightness Down (apple_top_case_display_brightness_decrement) in BTT. The system default button modified with the Command key toggles Display Mirroring with an external monitor attached, but BTT's Predefined Action "Brightness Down" does not.

Unfortunately it is not possible to reuse the system buttons due to API limitations.

Makes sense. I know the OP request is achievable with another approach. Do you know if it's possible to toggle Display Mirroring via a BTT Touch Bar button?

@Andreas_Hegenberg just looking at feature requests to I don't create a duplicate, I was going to request this too.

It looks like the replys are two years old, is it still the case that you have the option to use Apple's huge list of default buttons?


it’s not possible to mix the standard Touch Bar buttons with custom BTT ones. This will probably never change ;-(

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Ah, ok, thought it may have changed for Big Sur. Thanks for replying so quick. :slight_smile: