Using "Custom Move / Resize Window" to Maximize Window Vertically


I'm trying to setup a shortcut to maximize a window vertically, in other words I want the x position / width to remain the same but I want the window's height to fill all the screen (i.e. top of the window at the top of the screen, bottom of the window at the bottom of the screen).

I tried to play with Custom Move / Resize Window but it doesn't really work, notably if I have my two screens on top of each other (one of them is a laptop)

Sorry can't upload images apparently because I'm a new user, but I tried this:
"Assume the Window's top left corner is moved to current position (do not move), really move the window's y to that, offset by relative to screen / 100% + change window height / Relative to screen / 100%".

I'm assuming this moves the windows's top one screen, so it works for my "top" screen but not my bottom one (the latter moves the window to the top screen).

Two other questions:

  • For y coordinates, is 0 at the top or bottom?
  • I don't get the "Assume the window's xxx is moved to the xxx", is there any doc on that? All screenshots I've seen seem to have a "re-position the xxx set the position based on the xxx" which I found easier to understand, I'm assuming they're from an old version of the action's settings?

Thanks in advance, and thanks for a great piece of software!

Thanks in advance!

What do you mean "doesn't really work"?
In my case It doesn't move or resize at all.
(I'm also using 1 external monitor)

Not sure where the origin is, can't even test because it doesn't move.
And couldn't find doc page too.

P.S. I hope this other poor guy could find a use from this thread, maybe.

in your case it‘s set to move 0 pixels from the current center of the window, so it will not move.
You would need to set it based on e.g. the focused screen instead (you define the origin yourself using the dropdowns)

Thanks for quick reply!

  1. I couldn't find the keyword "focused screen"
    Do you mean "To screen with mouse cursor" the option of "Use this monitor when setting the new position for a window:"?
    (Assume not because it doesn't work.)

  1. How does it explain why it doesn't change the size?
    Position must be set correctly to change the size in this action?

Yes unfortunately the macOS API's don't allow to extend a window size beyond the screen bounds, thus the position must be set first.

Here is a full example how to fill the screen vertically:

Appreciate it.
It works perfectly!

Yet still I see a problem because I just delete the trigger/action and created exactly same one, then now it is moving and changing its size. I believe this is not just how to configure the options of this action.

this would only change the position of the window if it‘s not yet on the mouse screen (it would move it to the current mouse screen). However it will not move it to the very top like you wanted

(and without setting the x , this could lead to some weird behavior in this case)

This is all a bit complicated because it allows so many possibilities. I plan to replace this with a visual solution at some point. (at least preview the position somehow)

I believe you can build a better solution than what comes with Sequoia!
Thanks for the work, as always.


Thank you for you answer!

I think I finally understood that "Assume xxx is moved to xxx" mostly means "Move xxx to xxx". Not sure what the "assume" brings? Maybe the "Move xxx to xxx" would be easier to understand?

it's just an imaginary move until you check one of the "really move" checkboxes. It basically sets the base origin for the real move

Ok! It was just a feedback that it took me a while to understand that, I'm good now :slightly_smiling_face:
The features themselves work really well, I was able to do all I wanted (I had other use-cases)
Thank you for your help!