Using Conditional Activation Group to Detect if Active App is Full Screen

Hi All,

I am trying to only display the battery and date/time widgets only when the active window is full screen.

I think this should be possible by creating a trigger using AppleScript to return whether the current window is full screen. Then use this trigger to open a CAG (if the script returns True for full screen, open CAG, if false, close CAG). The CAG would contain the two widgets I want displayed only in full screen.

Unfortunately, I do not know how to use AppleScript (no coding exp.) and I feel like I am missing some crucial pieces to the puzzle.
On top of this, I am also curious if using the script/CAG combo will be energy intensive - I do not want to do this if it is going to increase energy consumption significantly.

Would anyone be able to help me flesh this thing out??!! Any help/advice would be much appreciated.

Thank you!!

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Did you ever find out anything about this? I am needing to do the same thing (well, not with the Touch Bar, but just with the conditional group to see if a window is full screen or not). Thanks!

Hi, I am also wanting to know if this can be achieved.
I have some mouse clicks mapped to keys to watch sports & be able to fast forward, pause and rewind.
When Safari is full screen, the on screen controls move.
I'd really like BTT to be able to ascertain if the Safari window is full screen or not, then I can map both positions, and have them activate only when the correct window state is active.
Thanks :slight_smile:

I'm currently facing the same puzzle, I found this old post which is a few steps closer to the solution. However, I still don't know how to check whether the active app - and not a specific app - is in full-screen mode. Any idea?