using caps lock to mean forward delete ALSO toggles caps lock

I created the following trigger in All Apps:

It works, in a way, but it toggles caps lock every time, which I do not want.

I never, ever use caps lock, so I want to disable it or convert it to something useful. Karabiner Elements does exactly what I want, remapping caps lock to forward delete, but it's the ONLY thing I've had any use for in the Karabiner app.

I'm exploring BTT as a substitute, because why keep Karabiner around for that one triival thing, when BTT can do a lot more?

Try this. Change Caps lock to control in macos. System Preferences --> Keyboard --> Special keys (or similar). Now caps lock is your right control key.

Then go to "Key Sequence" set up that and choose the action Foward Delete

Maybe there is a better way, but this works.

How would I do that? There is no Special keys tab at System Preferences▸Keyboard▸Shortcuts, and I don't see anything in the tabs that allows Caps lock as a trigger (or Ctrl as the result).

Do you mean I should add Ctrl as a trigger and Forward Delete as the action associated with it?

System PreferencesKeyboardModifier Keys. Set Caps lock to ctrl, which is now r-ctrl, this is the trigger (Key Sequence) for die action FD.

Okay, that's half an explanation. Almost. I see no way to choose forward delete in that dialog.

You're welcome for the "half an explanation". Which half is missing? :slight_smile:

Everything about recording sequences, choosing the action, etc. But I'll figure it out eventually.

Okay, I have it working now. THANKS.