Using BTT with fast user switching? Has anyone found a good way to go about it?

I seem to be running into multiple strange bugs, mostly reported previously by others in the one or two posts that have talked about this.

Has anyone figured out a good workflow for using BTT with the MacOS fast user switching feature? I'm interested in figuring out how to get it working.

I was thinking to place the BTT app in the shared applications folder. Bettersnaptool seems to work fine and it is in the shared applications folder.

Idk if I have to exit BTT every time I switch users? Maybe I need to exit, then open in new user, then exit before leaving that user?

Note: The vast majority of my BTT usage is trackpad gestures with one or two keyboard shortcuts.

I'm also having strange behavior of windows focus when fast switching accounts. Basically, BTT is unusable. Anyone has workaround? @Andreas_Hegenberg are you aware of this?

I have very basic config of BTT, just magic mouse left and right tap to click map, nothing more.