Using BTT with contexts alt+tab?

Can't seem to figure out how to get contexts to pick up the keystrokes coming from BTT

I've tried apple script, background and blocked
Tried the embedded keystroke option

No luck. I can get option down to engage and option up to engage when I remove my finger but I can't get the tab to be recognized, unfortunately. While my fingers are still touching I can click tab and contexts will pop up but not using any command from within BTT


I got it working somewhat, I think I had not converted one of the named commands to an apple script blocking one.

tiptap right:

script for option down
script for keystroke tab

upon release script for option up

tiptap left:

script for keystroke tab using shift down

This method seems to be slow between taps but what I found is that after I do my 2 finger down tip tap right, I can switch to my regular tip tap single finger down which is a simpler alt tab without a script so that seems to be more responsive and works in both directions.

I think the apple script is needed for contexts to recognize the keystrokes initially


what do you mean by contexts?


It's a software for mac

I'll have a look!

It's still not fixed. Any clean solution for Contexts to pick up the keystrokes by BTT?

I ended up scripting the commands

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