Using BTT trackpad gestures over RDP sessions

I've always missed trackpad gestures while working over remote desktop sessions, and Microsoft's own Remote Desktop app does not let you pass trackpad gestures to remote RDP sessions, so when I discovered Jump desktop, I was happy to learn that worked out of the box with BTT gestures over RDP without any special configurations!

So if you're using global or app specific trackpad gestures like tipTap or 3/4 finger swipes to switch tabs or close/reload a page etc, they will all work as expected over RDP.

Jump Desktop also allows you to remap keys between Mac and RDP sessions, so, for example mapping Cmd-R to Ctrl-R will allow a page refresh on the RDP sessions when you have a global gesture to trigger CMD-R (for example).

So, if you're a heavy RDP user like me and use the trackpad regularly, IMHO, you'd be happy to add this tool combo to your workflow for a much nicer RDP experience.:grinning:

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