Using BTT to show Todoist Tasks on the Touch Bar


I have been searching all throughout the Web, and this forum, for a way to integrate Todoist within my Touch Bar:

  • Press Control (^) to show the number of tasks I currently have under various Filters I've set up on Todoist.
  • Show the number of Tasks pending for today, or overdue.
  • Tapping on the numbers will show the names of each of the tasks, in a scrolling list.
  • Tapping on the tasks themselves will give me 3 options — Complete, Delete & Archive

The closest preset/tutorial I could find until now is this one, by @liamb.

It would be awesome if someone could help build a preset for this. At this point, I'm not even sure if this can be done using IFTTT, or using some public API from Todoist themselves. Plus, I'm an absolute rookie in AppleSript.

Thanks in advance.

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