Using BTT to reduce false 'Tap To Click'/Bad Palm Rejection

I realize this program can do a ton of stuff, however...

Since 11.1 on my M1 MBP, my palm rejection has been terrible when I'm typing. It's so bad, I'd compare it to a 2017 HP Synaptics as far as false detections while typing.

Can this program be used to fix that? I'd happily pay for it if so.

If not, I'm sending this back and buying a cheap Windows or Google laptop. I only use MBP's for great trackpads and iMessage integration.

Now that the trackpad advantage is gone, I may save some money. I have a big hulking desktop for big tasks.

Before I dig too deep, I figured I'd ask. All I want to do is be able to type a long reply without a false click sending me up in the screen or to a new window.

11.2 Beta didn't fix this. I filed multiple Feedback reports. 11.0.1 was fine, though.

I have until 1/8 to keep or return this item.

Thanks everyone for helping! I know all of you know this program far better than newbie me.

Unfortunately BTT can not help here, it can not influence the system taps.

However in general the palm rejection on these new MBPs is pretty good, maybe it is defective? (You could use the live view in BTT to check whether there are phantom touches, (go there via the menubar in Preferences => View => Show Live View)

I found the palm rejection pretty bad on my new M1 MacBook Pro, made worse because the trackpad is so big. Found the hint that it's only when 'tap to click' is enabled. Turn that off, and it's much better. I didn't think that was going to work for me, but then discovered that you can change how hard you have to push to register a click, and with that on its minimum, I'm finding it very usable.


Oh, I turned Tap to Click off and it did fix it, which is what led me to the two being related.

I've used that feature since I have used MBP's. Trying to operated it after a decade + of tapping was near impossible. I know, I can learn over time, but the trackpad is what got me into Macs in the first place.

Unsure how I'll proceed.


This started in 11.1...

11.0.1 was fine in this regard. I turned it in via Feedback (they have fixed one trackpad issue for me before involving 3 finger swipes between desktops).

I even tried the 11.2 beta and it was still there. I submitted feedback on that version too.

Certainly software. When I'm around another Mac tomorrow, I'm thinking of flashing the IPSW of 11.0.1, which I have.

Thank you both for taking time to respond to me. I certainly appreciate it.

Is it possible to turn off the Magic Trackpad 2 input while typing? This would solve the bad palm rejection that occurs when using the Magic Trackpad in front of the Magic Keyboard.
You could have a time delay setting to determine how long after typing stops to reenable Magic Trackpad input.