Using BTT gestures to control the Keyboard Maestro macros / actions etc.

If someone uses BetterTouch Tool gestures to control his Keyboard Maestro macros / actions / palettes, he can find a tutorial in this tutorial how to create them in the future without shortcuts or other triggers.

In the tutorial, it is explained using a KM palette. Of course this is also possible for single macros or actions.

Please note that the tutorial is written in German. For questions I am always available.

I’m interested to learn about this automation but I don’t understand German, unfortunately. Are you using a three finger swipe to show a macro palette (specifically for Finder) which you then use to do various actions?

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Yes, that's exactly how it is @qwertycolemak. I created a macro group for each app (Pages, Mail, Safari etc.) and need only one and the same three finger swipe gesture for all of them.

Just like in this example, I have different macro actions (put in trash etc.) in my Finder macro group.
But I can also point to another app (here Cloud App) as sub macro and share a file very fast.


Thanks to BTT I don't need any triggers like shortcuts or type string triggers in Keyboard Maestro. Everything is controlled by a swipe gesture.

If it helps you, I can make a short video tutorial in English for you.


If you use the BTT Remote, then of course it also works with your iOS device @qwertycolemak :wink:


That’s brilliant, actually. That way, one only need to remember one gesture to open up infinite possibilities. Thanks for such a great idea and tutorial. No, you don’t really need to trouble yourself for a English tutorial. I think most of us can guess from the screen cast.

Thank you for your feedback @qwertycolemak.

If you still have questions, please contact me. Besides the BTT Remote App you can also work with Siri Shortcuts.
Also here you can use the KM macro (AppleScript) for many possibilities.

Here is an example of how you can quickly log (macOS) in to your network. The instruction video is in English and the macro is also available in the KM Forum.

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I am new to both KM and BTT, but having tried KM for almost a month (trial period), I already have around 10 active macros and KM have saved me 5 hours in my daily job. I paid for that great software and is now exploring how BTT and KM can work together to make me a "maestro" in automation. Thanks to helpful people like you, @appleianer, my experience of Mac gets better each day!

Edit: I do hang out in KM forum and MacPowerUsers forum, both are my source of inspiration when looking for new ideas to automate.

In @appleianer video, I should point out that the "Execute AppleScript" action should be Disabled. In his video, he showed it visually, but when I was following the tutorial, I thought he wanted me to Enable it. This creates a lot of problem, such as a blinking macro palette, which I think, is caused by this the palette being asked to display by multiple Actions.

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Thank you @qwertycolemakf for the note :+1: I will insert a note (English) in the YT infobox.

Hi...I am specifically looking at the BTT action ‘Trigger Context Menu item’ because as far as I understand, it is the only action where BTT is more functional than KBM.
I would like this functionality in a self-contained macro.

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Hi @LuisNill, excuse me, my English (online translator) is not so good.
Do I understand you correctly that you want to have a Keyboard Maestro macro with which you want to call actions of the macOS context menu via an AppleScript from BTT?

Here is an example:

tell application "BetterTouchTool"
execute_assigned_actions_for_trigger "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"
end tell

You would have to copy and paste the UUID of the BTT action with a right click on the action itself.