Using BetterTouchTool and BetterSnapTool together

Is there a "right way" to set up these two apps so that they function alongside each other?

I am a longtime user of BetterSnapTool. Today I purchased BetterTouchTool to clean up some issues I have with the magic mouse and touchpad. I see that BTT can do some of what BST can do, but not everything: it lacks shortcut keys and cannot draw snap areas. In BTT settings, Snap Area instructions refer to BST to draw snap areas.

Trying to use BST and BTT together, unfortunately BST no longer functions correctly. Shortcut keys now take 3-6 seconds to execute, and BST snap regions are ignored. I have tried disabling all snapping features in BTT, but BST still operates poorly.
Also, I tried the "import existing snap areas from BetterSnapTool" feature, but it doesn't appear to work. BTT cannot use my BST program or recreate it in BTT.

I have uninstalled BTT because BST is more important. Any advice on having these two apps work together is very appreciated.

it‘s best to configure everything in BTT and quit BST. In the „keyboard shortcuts” section you can define any shortcut you can think of.
Snap areas are configured the same way as in BetterSnapTool (click the BetterTouchTool menubar icon)

Thank you, Andreas. That is what I needed.

I disabled BST and reset BTT snap areas and settings, and I am now able to draw snap areas in BTT and assign them shortcuts from Keyboard Shortcuts. It will be tedious to move over my snap areas, but I can see how this will be worth it in the long run. The "sync settings" feature will make me very happy when it is functional.

I hope to see the BST methods for assigning shortcuts brought over to BTT as I find the GUI to be easier for setting shortcuts both in the BST settings panel and in the floating snap area panels.