Using a Logitech G604 without their ghub Software

I use macos, having a g604 lightspeed.
They come with a proprietary "lightspeed" dongle.
I would like to use it via bluetooth only. And do so without this bloated, resource eating, ghub software.

However - only via bluetooth, not all buttons are configurable. e.g. the lower buttons map to the keyboard keys 1,2,3. back and forward are not mapped at all, etc.

I want all buttons to simply be generic mousebuttons. 1-11 (or how many there are), so that I can configure them in my games and in btt for features. Is there a solution?

okay, i figgured it.
The missing piece was, that I can save profile on the mouse. so it works without the lightspeed dongle.

then I assigend numpad keys to the mouse buttons, and assigned those keys as keyboard shortcuts in btt.

nice, thanks for sharing!

Dude this is entirely inspired by your idea and it works like a charm. My keyboard has number pad so your configuration would make the number pad incorrect.

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I've used Steermouse for years/decade to avoid Logitech software. ::