Using a Logitech G604 without their ghub Software

I use macos, having a g604 lightspeed.
They come with a proprietary "lightspeed" dongle.
I would like to use it via bluetooth only. And do so without this bloated, resource eating, ghub software.

However - only via bluetooth, not all buttons are configurable. e.g. the lower buttons map to the keyboard keys 1,2,3. back and forward are not mapped at all, etc.

I want all buttons to simply be generic mousebuttons. 1-11 (or how many there are), so that I can configure them in my games and in btt for features. Is there a solution?

okay, i figgured it.
The missing piece was, that I can save profile on the mouse. so it works without the lightspeed dongle.

then I assigend numpad keys to the mouse buttons, and assigned those keys as keyboard shortcuts in btt.

nice, thanks for sharing!