Using a Logic MX Master 3S

I'm a bit of a n00b when it comes to using BTT, though I've created a few minor actions with BTT. I'm now wanting to use my new Logitech MX Master 3S with BTT, but I'm not sure which device to choose in BTT, as it's not a Magic Mouse, Trackpad, or Normal Mouse (that I'm aware of). I tried using "Normal Mouse" and using the middle button as the trigger, but it didn't work. Is there another device that I should be using? Or ... ?

I think @Andreas_Hegenberg Will be releasing support for MX master. Maybe.
Waiting for that too :slight_smile: Waiting for my MX Master 3S delivery. Is it worth the hype?

For now, you can go into Logitech's software, set-up keyboard shortcuts for the buttons, then setup those shortcuts in BTT [Keyboard Section] and assign the actions you want.

Update: Tried doing a Scroll up + Shift Modifier key to increase the volume

The scroll-up is detected in BTT settings, but it doesn't work in practice ( in Normal mouse BTT Menu)
Normally it should work since BTT Detected it, but for some reason, it doesn't :confused:

Hey! Any update on if Logitech mice will be implemented specifically. I have a wired G502 X and I don’t want to install Rosetta on my M2 Max MBP to run the Logitech software, unless I can uninstall it after and the shortcuts stick…

Thanks for any input

@Brahim - Did this get deprioritized?

I'm trying to use my MX Master3's forward/back buttons with a modifier to enable switching desktops quickly (similar to a three finger swipe) while still keeping the back/forward capabilities in the browser.

Thanks for the update!