Using a Keyboard dial as Application Switcher

I am new to BTT and want to use my keyboard dial as a way to switch between applications. Ideally I would rotate the knob to select between the open Apps, pretty much like cmd-tab and cmd-shift-tab is working. Pressing the know then selects the App. I am using a Keychron Q1 where I can assign arbitrary keycodes to the rotary encoder if that matters.
I do not mind if it is the built-in AppSwitcher from MacOS or a third-party App.

Is that possible at all with BTT?

Maybe you could use the BTT window switcher. You could just record the keyboard dial keys and assign the following actions to left/right. It would not strictly am application switcher, but a window switcher - however it will also switch between apps.

  • Show Window Switcher For All Apps
  • Move Selection In Active Window Switcher Up

Just make sure to select this option when you record the keyboard shortcuts: