Using a 10 point TOUCHSCREEN Monitor/Display as a source , ?? Need help if this is possible

I use touchscreen Displays while I perform.... i have had a lot of luck with the UPDD driver from touch-base.

However, Id also like to use my touch screen monitors as a source for BTT.

Main reason is that the app "Mixing Station" does not support gestures when active.

I believe it is possible to setup a GENERIC device for BTT to interpret input, but I am not getting very Far.

Essentially I would like a TWO FINGER TAP on the TouchScreen Display to invoke LAUNCHPAD or similar.

Any thoughts?, and Thanks in Advance...

unfortunately BTT only supports Apple trackpads & Magic Mouses for gestures.

maybe you can create something with generic devices, but it would require that the display reports the touches in a standard manner. Also it would mean you'd need to code all gesture recognition yourself.