User Agent does not work (Question to Community)

Dear Community,

as in Safari, Chrome, Firefox I am able to change my User Agent to any other profile of mobile/ system like Linux, browser. This works within each browser fine, yet I can't get it to start in BTT. Maybe you might help?
I am using floating menu to open up a page. This page should receive the new user agent I set up.

  1. "Custom Floating Menus & Desktop Widgets" I go to "Web Item: Webview" (column) -> Floating Menu Configuration on the right window menu "Web View Config" and set up the User Agent via copy and paste.

Additionally I found User Agent as well in the shortcuts for my keyboard, where I trigger the floating menus.

  1. "Keyboard" -> "Execute JavaScript in Web View Menu Item" -> on the right window menu: "User Agent"

On both side I paste the same user agent, I restart my computer, but that doesn't work.

Hope to find an idea here in the community.

Best :slight_smile: Johannes

How did you check your user agent? I'd recommend loading something like in the webview. Maybe it's not the user agent that's not working? (I'm using custom user agents in various webviews)

However once a website is loaded and the floating webview is cached, you might need to restart BTT to get it to update the user agent

Knowing my system, browser etc. I randomly copy and paste from a list of typical user agents available in the web.
As I wrote, I also re-start my system to make this working, but it doesn't.

I agree, that it could be sth else then the user agent, but I do not know what it could be. My comparison is:

  1. changing user agent within Safari = works as expected.
  2. changing user agent as I described inside of BTT = does not work.

first try the url I posted to confirm or rule out that it’s the user agent. Websites also use other features of the environment to detect & change their behavior. A webview might behave slightly different