Use system keyboard repeat rate

Repeat action while shortcut is pressed.

The current UI for setting the keyboard repeat rate is very difficult to use. Currently it has a slider for rate and a slider for delay, but it's incredibly hard to pick out the repeat rate you want.

Also, this is generally not a thing I even want to think about. Mac already has a System Preferences page to set keyboard repeat and delay. Would it be possible to allow BetterTouchTool to use that setting from System Preferences instead? It would make it easier for me to rebind keys on my keyboard this way.

PLEASE implement this! +1000000

BTT is not really a tool for rebinding keys, but for shortcuts. In most cases key repeat doesn't make sense for such action shortcuts. In even less cases it makes sense to use the system repeat rate for them.

It's ok to use BTT for some basic remappings that you don't need often, but otherwise you should look into Karabiner or Apple's hidutil. BTT does not integrate deep enough into the system to do real key remappings efficiently.

I mean I just wanted to make an extra volume keys shortcut that I could hold down easily.

I guess I can go mess with Karabiner again it's just that BTT is much more user friendly.

I hear what you're saying, but I don't want to do global rebinding of keys; I want to rebind for a single application. So, I don't think Karabiner is what I want. I want the key repeat speed/delay to more or less match what I've set with the system repeat setting. It appears there's some unusual settings that are configured with the BTT key repeat and delay settings and it's not clear how to adjust them to speed up the key repeat rate (but not disable the repeat feature). I'm not sure why making the repeat rate smaller (but non-zero?) appears to make it repeat more quickly. How can I set the sliders to make it as fast as possible? And how can I set them to make it repeat as slowly as possible? Then I'll pick something in between. Thanks!

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