Use Space as a modifier key

Hi All,

I have an app that doesn't support standard horizontal scrolling and requires me to use the space bar as a modifier key to scroll horizontally instead of vertically.
I've been trying to use BTT with a 3 finger swipe trigger on a trackpad to achieve that, but I can't seem to get it to work.
Since the space bar is not listed in modifier keys, I've been using the following sequence:

  1. Space bar down
  2. scroll y=40
  3. Space bar up

And clearly it didn't work (its still scrolling vertically as if the space bar wasn't pressed).
Am-I missing something? Should I have used a different approach?


Not sure if that's just a typo or not, but Y is actually the vertical axis. In order to scroll horizontally, you gotta use the X axis. Did you try both?

The shift key is usually the default modifier for scrolling horizontally on a mac. Don't know if it works the same on macbooks though.

I tried both out of curiosity, but it wasn't a typo: In that set of software (ImageJ and FIJI, scientific image processing apps), you scroll horizontally by using "space-scroll vertically". There is no direct support for scrolling horizontally.
I'm trying to find a way to achieve that with my trackpad with BTT and it's not as trivial as it sounds apparently :slight_smile: