Use multiple mouse Buttons at the same time

Hey there,

first off all: I really like BetterTouchTool as it really boosts my productivity. To get even more out of BTT I have bought a new mouse, which has additional buttons, so I can use even more shortcuts singlehandedly.

Now I have recognised, that it is only possible to apply only an action to a single mouse button, but you are not able to set a BTT event when multiple mouse buttons get pressed simultaneously. This would be a great addition to BTT, so please consider implementing it.

As a workaround I have configured one mouse button (eg. mouse button 3; lets call it trigger button) to mimic a ctrl-key-down press and then to use this as required modifier in combination with another mouse button. But unfortunately this approach has two issues:

  • After releasing the trigger button it does not always properly trigger ctrl-key-up when the mouse button gets released (possible bug).
  • It is not possible to use trigger standalone, which makes me "loose" an additional set-able event.

Thank you very much for your hard work on BTT!

Best regards,
Happy Striker

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