Use Logitech Trackball with Better Touch?

I have a Logitech Marble Trackball and have been frustrated that their software no longer allows the buttons to activate vertical scrolling. In looking for alternative software I came across Better Touch, but as a novice I am lost trying to work with it. Two questions, can I control my trackball with Better Touch? If so, can I assign vertical scrolling Up & Down to the two small left and right buttons?

I really am a novice and have not been able to get very far with this.

Since I posted the questions above I became aware of Karabiner, and was able to install it and configure my trackball perfectly. It is a very comprehensive program and I was able to configure it with no issues.

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I've also used Karabiner for remapping some buttons/features on a Razer Orbweaver gaming keyboard (since Razer doesn't support running the config software on macOS), and it seems to work really well.

I believe I was originally hoping/looking to do it with BetterTouchTool, but for whatever reason I found myself going a different way and using Karabiner.. I wonder if that was because I couldn't easily create shortcuts that would only run on that device (not override my normal keyboard)?

I know under 'Trigger Conditions' we can choose 'Works on keyboards with same type as used for recording':


But in my testing, that doesn't seem to restrict it in the way I would have expected.

Eg. I just used my Razer Orbweaver to record a keyboard shortcut for 1, and then typed 1 on my Apple Magic Keyboard, which triggered the shortcut.

With Karabiner I can create 'key remappings' and know they will work well.

@Charles218 So it turns out that 'Works on keyboards with same type' is the correct way to do this for keyboards; though it won't work correctly when Karabiner is being used and takes 'exclusive control' of the device.

From a quick skim, I don't think there is currently equivalent functionality for 'only re-map this on the mouse I recorded it on' like there is for the keyboard shortcuts. I'll mention it in that thread and maybe they can add a new feature for it!

Seems like there is some work in progress that will improve the features available for configuring gestures on mice from within BetterTouchTool as well!