Use keyboard for Double-Click + Drag

My trackpad is hard to press and hold, so I'd love to create an action that enables to do a double-click + drag without having to press and hold the trackpad.

It seemed possible to do so with the "Custom Mouse Buttons & Modifiers" action. I created a keyboard shortcut (only on key down) that does a Left Double-Click and Trigger Only Mouse Down and a second one (only on key up) that does the same but Mouse Up. The problem is that the first action alone (key down) triggers a normal double-click, so I can't start dragging before releasing.

Is this a bug? If not, any other way to achieve this?

(just to be sure, I'm looking to do a DOUBLE-click+drag, not a simple Click+drag)

What is your use case for a double-click+drag action?

The predefined actions "start mouse drag" and "stop mouse drag" don't work for you? (Dragging is more complicated than just generating the click events unfortunately)

I use a music notation software called Finale and there are objects that need to be inserted by using a double-click+drag.

Start Mouse Drag seems to do the same thing as the setup I described but using single-clicks rather than double-clicks.

I think I should be able to add a "start drag by double-click" action. Could you point me to the exact function in Finale so I can verify with the trial version it's working as intended?

Awesome! Sure, just select Tools > Smart Shape > 15ma, then double-click+drag right anywhere near a music staff.


Hi Andreas, I just saw the new "Start drag by double-click" action in the list. Thanks for adding that. However, it doesn't seem to work with Finale. Did you get the chance to test it out with Finale?

Also, while we're at it, I discovered a bug with either all only Mouse down actions or the "Start mouse drag" action : if you snap a window using BTT and then use either one of these actions, the window will revert to its previous size.

ie :

  • snap/maximize a window to the left
  • trigger a custom click (mouse down only) action or a "Start mouse drag" action
  • the window's size will revert to its previous size.

unfortunately I didn’t get to test it with final3 yet, but will do soon.

The resize you mention is a feature you can disable in the window snapping settings. I’m currently not on my Mac, but it’s called „restore old position/size“ or similar.

Awesome, thank you!

Hey Andreas, do you think it would be possible to create double-clicks by quickly double-pressing a keyboard key? That would really be the ideal solution for me!

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