Use keyboard for Double-Click + Drag

My trackpad is hard to press and hold, so I'd love to create an action that enables to do a double-click + drag without having to press and hold the trackpad.

It seemed possible to do so with the "Custom Mouse Buttons & Modifiers" action. I created a keyboard shortcut (only on key down) that does a Left Double-Click and Trigger Only Mouse Down and a second one (only on key up) that does the same but Mouse Up. The problem is that the first action alone (key down) triggers a normal double-click, so I can't start dragging before releasing.

Is this a bug? If not, any other way to achieve this?

(just to be sure, I'm looking to do a DOUBLE-click+drag, not a simple Click+drag)

What is your use case for a double-click+drag action?

The predefined actions "start mouse drag" and "stop mouse drag" don't work for you? (Dragging is more complicated than just generating the click events unfortunately)

I use a music notation software called Finale and there are objects that need to be inserted by using a double-click+drag.

Start Mouse Drag seems to do the same thing as the setup I described but using single-clicks rather than double-clicks.

I think I should be able to add a "start drag by double-click" action. Could you point me to the exact function in Finale so I can verify with the trial version it's working as intended?

Awesome! Sure, just select Tools > Smart Shape > 15ma, then double-click+drag right anywhere near a music staff.


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