Use F keys without fn on an external keyboard

I have my MacBook set up to display icons in the touch bar by default, but when Parallels is in the foreground, it displays the F keys. This works really well, and is super useful as the Windows program I use in Parallels makes heavy use of function keys.

But when I use an external keyboard, this doesn't work, and I have to hold down the fn key every time I want to invoke a function key in Parallels. Is it possible to set up BTT so that when Parallels is the foreground app, the external keyboard's F keys work as F keys?

There is a setting for this in System Preferences => Keyboard:

No, that is not what I'm looking for. This changes the setting system-wide. I want those keys to be special features normally, but regular function keys only within Parallels. The way it works for the touch bar: it shows special features everywhere, but in Parallels it automatically switches over to function keys. In fact, as I swipe back and forth between Mac apps and Windows (under Parallels), it seamlessly switches from special features to function keys and back.

Thanks! This solution helped me in configuring the F9-F12 keys in my external Windows keyboard. :slight_smile: