Use Caps Lock to toggle Touch Bar?

Hi all, I have my first Mac with a Touch Bar, I get why folks are trying to tweak it. Let me explain what I've done...

  1. In my System Keyboard settings, I set the Touch Bar to always show the Expanded Control Strip -- that way I have a consistent set of buttons at the top, with easy access to the old controls

  2. In my System Keyboard settings, I set Press Fn Key to Show App Controls -- that way, I can hold Fn to see app-specific controls if they are useful.

  3. However, if the App Controls are really useful for some specific app, it seems it would be good to be able to toggle them to stay on, rather than have to keep holding Fn.

  4. So my question: is it possible to set the Caps Lock key (which I seldom use) to act as a "Fn Lock" key?

Seems like that could be a pretty handy way to handle the Touch Bar?

Or perhaps there is some other way to toggle between Expanded Control Strip and App Controls?

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For programming the caps lock key reliably, perhaps consider Karabiner-Elements. My caps lock is mapped to ESC.

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Thanks! I've learned a bit more about BTT, I think this may now be a better question:

Can I use Karabiner (or simply BTT itself) to send "Toggle BetterTouchTool Touch Bar" to BTT when Caps Lock is pressed?

Such that one press of Caps Lock would toggle BTT's Touch Bar on, and another press of Caps Lock would switch back to app-specific?


BTT currently can't override the caps lock key, however if you combine it with Karabiner elements it will be possible.
You can configure Karabiner elements to send a shortcut when capslock is pressed, then in BTT you can configure that shortcut and assign the "Toggle BetterTouchTool Touch Bar" action to it.

Hi,admin,I want to remap caps key to ESC and find BBT can't recognize caps, then I find the post here. I have tried karabiner elements and find it can satisfy my demand. My question is that why BBT can't recognize CAPs, and do you have a plan to support this feature recently. ( I really don't want to use two softwares :slight_smile: thx)